Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Amazing Jello

4 Boxes of Jello,

1 Tub of Sour Cream,

and nearly 7 hours,

and you have

The Amazing Jello

This is the award winning Jello that I have been bringing to family functions for years, and it always gets a wow from the crowd! And whether it's a good thing, or not, I am the reigning Jello Queen. (Really, I can't decide if I am proud of that title or not!)

Wanna give it a try?

Don't let the 7 hours intimidate you, it really only takes a few minutes every hour. And to make it easier on you,


What You Need:

You start with 6-7 small boxes of Jello (or 3-4 large boxes if you are cheap like me - when it's the same price, I always buy the bigger box - then I just pour them into mugs to split them in half - I will be using it all anyways).

You will also need 1 tub of sour cream, ice water and whipping cream to dress it up.

A few things to have ready: 2 glass measuring cups, several large spoons, a whisk, a timer, a pretty dish to serve it in (I like a trifle dish), a 1/3 c. measuring cup, and a 1 TB. measuring spoon.


1. Heat one cup of water in one of the measuring cups in the microwave for about 2 minutes - until boiling. Add one small packet of jello (or one half of a large packet) and stir until completely dissolved.

2. Pour half of the jello mixture into the other measuring cup.

3. Add 3 TB. ice water into one cup, stir well and pour this into your serving dish. Place this in the refrigerator and let set for about 30 minutes.

4. Immediately after pouring the first layer, add 1/3 cup sour cream into the second cup and stir with the wisk - this works way better than a spoon. Let it sit on your counter until the first layer is well set. When it is ready, pour the creamy jello onto the first layer, over a large spoon so that you don't break into the first layer. Place this in the refrigerator and let it set for about 30 minutes.

(*note - always pour over a spoon - these layers have a tendancy to break if you just pour the jello right onto it)

5. Repeat this for as many layers as you would like to have. It really only takes a few minutes each hour and you are done. This is what makes the timer such a lifesaver, set it and forget it.

6. If you like fruit, have fun with whatever you want to use - I think it looks great to add fruit to the clear layers - bananas, blueberries and raspberries are quite nice.

7. When you are done, garnish with some whipped cream - make a cute little design to add to whatever you are celebrating, as this jello should only be made for celebrations.

8. Bring to your party and have a smile on your face as everyone ohhhs and ahhhs over the creation. Whoever thought jello could be so elegant?

9. Dig in!


Tabitha Blue said...

Wow, jello and sour cream... wouldn't have thought of that, but it looks great!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!


Tia Langston said...

Looks yummy...and I would be proud of your title!