Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Bit of Sunshine ... Day 2

Our trip to the sunshine lead us to stop at the Grand Canyon!
Blue skies all around, BIG BLUE SKIES!
It was a little chilly, but perfect in every other way.

The kids were impressed with what they saw for a good 10 minutes!
Then it was back to, "How much longer 'til we are in Phoenix?"

Bert and I were a little more impressed, our first stop was this old watchtower and it was fantastic!

And this is the only family picture we had taken on our trip ... at least we got one, and thanks to the nice British lady who took it!

This is a collection of all of our Grand Canyon shots that day ...

After leaving the park we set out for Phoenix. Our original plan was to go through Flagstaff, but we ended up taking a different route ... and by a complete coincidence we ended up lunching on Route 66.

We tried to eat at a very cool burger stop, we even snapped a few photos there, but after 15 minutes of sitting and no service, we opted for the pizza parlor just down the street.

Glad we did!


K said...

It looks like your trip was a lot of fun. Great family photo in the Grand Canyon. So glad you got that shot.

jenjermad said...

I like the tye-dye shirt your hubby is wearing:)


Andy and Kim said...

I hope you brought some of that sunshine home!

Jenny said...

What a great day for the Grand Canyon!