Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Bit of Sunshine ... Day 4

(warning, this post has some more PG-13 material ... proceed with caution)

Bert was very happy to be the tour guide on Wednesday and take us down to Tucson. One of his favorite places is the

Arizona Desert Sonora Museum

And after spending the day there, we were all in agreement, it is one very cool place to visit.

We started off in the man-made caves ... the kids loved roaming around in there!

The Boy was a little standoff-ish at first, but then he started exploring with the rest of us.

And in our explorations we found a little friend who ended up showing us all over the museum that day. She and her mom have yearly passes and visit quite often, so they were able to help us find our way around all day and the kids loved having a friend to join in on the fun.

She was just a bit older than The Boy, but they still seemed to hit it off.

We roamed all over the place, looking for animals hiding in all sorts of places.

Thing 2 even felt compelled to run ... she was pretty excited!

And here are the kids entering one of the many child-only pathways that the museum has built, they loved having all the extra little hidden pathways, just for them.

The Boy and his new friend were together the whole time ... we were wondering if we should consider this his first date ... awwww!

She even touched his nose!

So, besides fraternizing with the locals, we found ourselves getting up close to nature ...

... perhaps a little too close!

After I got over the shock of what I just witnessed, I found my happy place by watching otters swim, it is almost as relaxing as a spa visit!

(all commentaries are from persons I do not know, my family was already way down the path to the next animal ... I literally had to drag myself away from these wonderful little animals)

Toward the end of the visit, The King was starting to protest his time in the stroller, so he got out for a bit of a walk.

The kids decided they wanted to be on display just like the animals!

And what happens to a bunch of kids after they have been running around for over 3 hours on a beautiful sunny day?

This was not posed ... they literally passed out within minutes of getting back in the car. Thing 2 was lucky enough to be in the middle (as always).

We ended the day on a fabulous note, we met up with a fellow Bert knows through work. He and his lovely wife took us to dinner, I had Chili Rellenos ... ahhhhhh ... still remember the warmth of that one!

Ken and Donna, our gracious hosts, and their flans.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 and their flans.

Bert and The Boy with flan and friend ice cream .

And here's my fried ice cream ... I didn't realize that dessert was taken so seriously in these parts ... it didn't get finished, but I sure loved every bite I managed to get down!
What a great day, we will have to go back to that museum,
it is a MUST for everyone.


Briony said...

this looks like a great trip! i love all things cave and cavern...when i was in VA i would drag my friends to them all th time :)

Tia Langston said...

What a great vacation! We totally need to get away for a bit. And how could you NOT finish your fried ice cream?!!?