Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Old Stomping Ground ...

So, I kind of hate to admit to the fact that I was once (*sort of*) a Carny!

It wasn't really a Carnival or a Circus, but an Amusement Park, a very close cousin to the Carnival, I think.

And if it weren't for two important factors, I would probably bury it all in my past.

However, considering the facts that:

1. Working there helped me pay my way through college, and...

2. I had the coolest job on the park (see here and here),

it will just stay part of who I am!

Despite all that history, I haven't ever really taken my kids there for a fun-filled day of rides, rides and rides (and a show or two).

Finally, I gave in and yesterday we tackled the park. We being Me, The King, The Boy and The Things! Bert was at work and missed out on all the action, so these photos are more for him and Aunt Debbie and Grandparents, you know!

But a few funny highlights first:

1. The Boy has some serious Ride Anxiety. It started on his first ride, Bulgy the Whale. Once the ride started I could see The Boy holding on with a death grip and turning purple. I am off on the side yelling at him to BREATHE!!! I had to do this for most of the rides he went on. After the first several seconds he was fine each time, but WOW, what a start to each ride!

2. My Girls are so obedient. We are not eating out this month, so we packed our food into the park. When we met up with Grandma and some cousins, Grandma offered Thing 1 a French Fry and Thing 1 said that she couldn't eat it! A few seconds later the same exact exchange happened with Thing 2 and Grandma! I told them they could have the French Fries, we just weren't buying any this month. So, they ate one French Fry each, and they looked guilty the whole time. What sweet darlings!

3. My baby is the best baby. We were there for 8 hours and he never fussed! He mostly just watched what was going on. He took a little nap and then kept watching. That was it! What an angel!

So, now, here are the photos of our adventure!


K said...

So jealous you've already gone there this summer. I bet the weather was great. I can't stand it when it gets so hot. We are hoping to be able to save up enough to make it there this year. Looks like you had a great time!

Julie said...

Wow you guys know how to party! Looks fun.

cheraf said...

I LOVE the death grip and the faces he made!!! The first ride my boys went on last year, Porter cried so hard he was just drooling everywhere (on some little airplanes)! I know people thought I was a jerk because the guy asked if I wanted to take him off before he started the ride, but I really thought he'd calm down...I was wrong! Lagoon is so much fun when you're a kid!

Scott and Sara said...

Good job venturing out without B!
The kids looked like they had a blast! They are sooooooo cute. I am glad the King did good too. I would have been worried the whole time about messing up his schedule...I hope that fear in me goes away when I have other kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day, we love that park. Infact my children where asking if we were going this year. Usally my hubby's company pays for a family day. But not any more, they trimmed their budget.

Maybe in July we will go for a small vacation. We love to spend the night and do the bounce back.

linsey said...

so fun! i am trying to get caught up on blogs! love it all! you are such a good mommy! tell deb hi for me!