Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She's BACK!

Yay ... the day we have been anticipating for quite some time has arrived! She's here, she's home, we're so happy. We wanted to make sure she knew we were happy to see her, so we made a big ugly sign! (It was supposed to be cute, but, oh well!!!) We burned the edges to give it more of an "outback" kind of a feel ... mostly it was just fun to play with fire, the kids were sooooo enthralled with the process - what have I done???

The girls made a couple more signs to put on her door to her bedroom - can you tell how happy we were to have her home?

And ... there she is:

Hugs, smiles, laughter from all the kids, EXCEPT ...

... The King, who had to keep his distance. He sat on the counter with Nana, eating crackers. It was either that or cry, he was a little out of sorts. He'll warm up soon, though, I am sure!
And, of course, she came bearing licorice ... our favorite Aussie treat. When are they going to start selling all these wonderful flavors here?

To celebrate, we went out to dinner, and you can tell the kids are still tackling Debbie with enthusiasm!

The King kept his distance though, I am sure he will warm up to Debbie soon!

He did, however, take solace in a lemon!

Even with it's tartness!!!

The folks were so kind to take us all out, we had a great evening.
Thank you!

We're so glad you are back Debbie and wish you luck getting settled back into good old American life.
We ♥ You!


Leslie said...

Homecomings are always fun!! I am sure the little one will adapt soon to his Aunt.

Shauna said...

Awesome :)

Tink said...

Yay! How fun and what a great homecoming to cme home too! So sweet and precious! Loved all of your pics! I also enjoy the look of your blog.

Briony said...

ahahah these are awesome! love the signs :)

Scott and Sara said...

The signs were super cute. You and Debbie look so much alike!
I laughed so hard at the puckering King! hahaha!

Deb F said...

Jen thanks for being SUCH a great Sister, your posts are always the best and as I have stated many a time you are an awesome blogger. Thanks for the posters and I am glad to be back and look forward to the day that the King doesn't look like he is going to die because I looked at him! :)

Fresh Mommy said...

That is so much fun!!! And I think the sign is completely adorable!! Licorice, yum.. I'd be excited to see her too!! Haha



Anonymous said...

your so funny, because I think your sign is really "CUTE".

Licorice in flavors, never had any but would try some if they had some good stuff here to try.

Amber said...

So, I'd say you're kids kind of like their aunt! Glad she is home!