Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another Ornament ... you know, for kids!!!

And if anyone knows what movie I am referencing in the title (besides my husband and sister),
 you totally deserve a prize!!!

(It's in my Top 10 Movies of all time - Seriously!!!)
(and most people haven't seen it - how sad)

Anyhow ...

I signed up to help Thing 1's class make ornaments, and after trying to figure out how to do one particular project, and realizing that it wouldn't work, this is what finally came to mind!
And thankfully, it worked!

Here's what you need for one ornament:

6 Glittery paper strips, 3/4 of an inch by 6 inches
1 Glittery chenille stem (pipe cleaner ... whatever)
6 beads* of one color (A)
5 beads* of another (B)
Hole Punch (the smaller, the better)

*Note: use beads with a small hole, these will work much better!

First, I put a bead (A) on the chenille stem about 1 inch from the end. I folded it over and twisted them together so that the bead was on the bottom.

Then, I punched holes in the paper strips, one on each end of each paper. Stack them together and put them on the stem, the pretty side of the paper facing the bead.

Then you put on the remainder of the beads, EXCEPT for the last one.
You should start and end this middle section with a (B) bead.

Then you bring the other end of the paper strips to the chenille stem,
and bring the stem through all of the papers.

Fan out the papers, and

add the very last bead (A) ... pushing down to the papers (it keeps the paper in place).

Then fold the rest of the chenille stem in half, twist it together just above the last bead,
forming a lovely loop for hanging.

And there you have it!

These were super easy, super cheap
and I made them with 25 3rd graders in less than 20 minutes!



Doran & Jody said...

How fun! You are so full of fun things to do! Where were you when my kids were little?

Lara said...


WE have a snow day tomorrow. I wonder if I have any pipe cleaners in my craft stash? If so we are totally making these! Thanks!

Fresh Mommy said...

Great job, and very very cute!! I'm sure she'll love taking that one in to show off :)

Karlyn said...

Okay....I think it's The Hudsucker Proxy, but I'm not positive.

I think 'the' is actually not included in the quote, but still......

SUCH a great movie. I saw it in the theater. And one day in 1996 when I was home sick from work, I watched it all day long, over and over again, I actually ruined the tape(VHS).

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The Hudsucker Proxy was what I was thinking too (if that's the movie with the hula hoop) - I just couldn't remember the name for the life of me. Cute craft too - by the way.