Friday, December 11, 2009

A Textbook for Orthodontia

I hope my little one will forgive me for this ... but I really can't help myself!

At least I didn't choose the "extra large" size for the photo! ;)

Thing 1 started all of this in July, with the purpose of correcting an underbite. We have an estimated 18 month duration, so for the next year, that sweet, darling little mouth will be housing more metal than the scrap yard at my husband's work.

I am pretty sure that right now, any appliance known to orthodontics is in that photo. So, future orthodontists, take a peek and get studying ... you should have a great career ahead of you!

And just to pull a little sympathy for Thing 1 ... this is just Phase 1. When she gets all of her adult teeth, then she will need braces again ... so much to look forward to!


Lara said...

K, is it bad that I think it's hilarious you chose silver bells to go with this post?

Poor thing! I never had braces (I say it makes up for all my eye issues), and that does NOT look like fun!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Oh poor thing! That just looks painful. Good thing she has such a great mom like you to take care of her.

Karlyn said...


LM said...

Bri did phase I when she was 8 and had everything but the "bumps" for an underbite, she had buck teeth that went almost straight out. It was amazing the difference after she got them off. I had terrible teeth when I was a kid and I am glad they start younger so kids don't have to wait until teen years to correct problems. We are just about to the point where she can start phase II, just a few more teeth to lose!

Tracey said...

Poor girl...what a trooper!!! So does she want to be a dentist when she grows up? ...or maybe she could just marry one:)

Stacey said...

Poor thing. I totally feel her pain. I had an underbite too, and as a result, had braces for four years!! Not fun, but worth it in the end. Smile Wax and tylenol will get her through the painful years!