Friday, January 8, 2010

A Few More Thank-Yous!

I just wanted to take a second and thank a few more lovely ladies for thinking of me - so nice!

Both were passed on to me from Jamie from Momma's Playground - she's a fellow Muffin Tin Mom that makes the best little lunches for her little guy (a little younger than my baby - The King). I am so impressed that she does the lunches for him, because I just barely started including The King in our lunches. Anyhow, things are always fun over at her blog - you should check her out!

And the second award was passed on to me by Susana from My Family, My Forever. I became acquainted (you know, bloggy acquainted) with her through Muffin Tin Monday, also. However, even after she took a break, I couldn't stop visiting her blog. She homeschools and she is making me think more and more about it. They have a lot of fun in their home (school) - there's always something great going at her blog, too!

I am supposed to add a list of ten things that make me happy,
I think I can do that:
1.  Sunshine
2.  Family
3.  Palm Trees
4.  Friends
5.  Faith
6.  Elephants
7.  Chocolate
8.  Witnessing Kind Acts
9.  Oceans
10.  Laughter

I am also supposed to pass this on to a few more bloggers ...
However, I never really know what to do here, (I promise I'm not being the rebel)
so I will just leave it at:


Really, Thank You! You ladies are wonderful and I am glad to be able to benefit from your fun, creative, happy blogs!


Susana said...

You are very welcome! Your blog is so fun, so happy and cheery, and I LOVE reading. I always get excited when I see you've posted:-).

Thanks so much for your super kind words about me in this post. You are so nice Jenny!

So, what is this about elephants? Gotta know!

Jill said...

don't you just love "happy" lists? i keep one on my blog permanently!

Chanelle said...

Please don't say that you are teasing about homeschooling! I would love for you to home school. Then we could do field trips, chess clubs, and everything else together. Please!!